Functions for handling geographical coordinate systems and reference ellipsoids.

Unless otherwise stated functions are ported from atmlab-2-3-181.

asind(x) Inverse sine in degrees.
cart2geocentric(x, y, z[, lat0, lon0, za0, aa0]) Convert cartesian position to spherical coordinates.
cart2geodetic(x, y, z[, ellipsoid]) Convert from cartesian to geodetic coordinates.
cartposlos2geocentric(x, y, z, dx, dy, dz[, …]) Convert cartesian POS/LOS to spherical coordinates.
cosd(x) Cosine of argument in degrees.
ellipsoid2d(ellipsoid, orbitinc) Approximate ellipsoid for 2D calculations.
ellipsoid_r_geocentric(ellipsoid, lat) Geocentric radius of a reference ellipsoid.
ellipsoid_r_geodetic(ellipsoid, lat) Geodetic radius of a reference ellipsoid.
ellipsoidcurvradius(ellipsoid, lat_gd, azimuth) Sets ellispoid to local curvature radius
ellipsoidmodels() Provide data for different reference ellipsoids.
geocentric2cart(r, lat, lon) Convert from spherical coordinate to a cartesian position.
geocentric2geodetic(r, lat, lon[, ellipsoid]) Convert from geocentric to geodetic coordinates.
geocentricposlos2cart(r, lat, lon, za, aa) Convert from spherical POS/LOS to cartesian POS/LOS
geodetic2cart(h, lat, lon[, ellipsoid]) Convert from geodetic to geocentric cartesian coordinates.
geodetic2geocentric(h, lat, lon[, ellipsoid]) Convert from geodetic to geocentric coordinates.
geographic_mean(lat, lon[, h, ellipsoid]) Calculate mean position for set of coordinates.
great_circle_distance(lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2) Calculate the distance between two geograpgical positions.
inrange(x, minx, maxx[, exclude, text]) Test if x is within given bounds.
sind(x) Sine of argument in degrees.
tand(x) Tangent of argument in degrees.