Maths-related modules.

calculate_precisely(f) Raise all arguments to their highest numpy precision.
integrate_column(y[, x, axis]) Integrate array along an arbitrary axis.
interpolate_halflevels(x[, axis]) Returns the linear inteprolated halflevels for given array.
nlogspace(start, stop[, num]) Creates a vector with equally logarithmic spacing.
promote_maximally(x) Return copy of x with high precision dtype.
sum_digits(n) Calculate the sum of digits.
squeezable_logspace(start, stop[, num, …]) Create a logarithmic grid that is squeezable around a fixpoint.


Functions operating on arrays

limit_ndarray(M, limits) Select elements from structured ndarray based on value ranges
localmin(arr) Find local minima for 1-D array
mad_outliers(arr[, cutoff, mad0]) Mask out mad outliers
parity(v) Vectorised parity-checking.


Various statistical functions

adev(x[, dim]) Calculate Allan deviation in its simplest form
bin(x, y, bins) Bin/bucket y according to values of x.
bin_nd(binners, bins[, data]) Bin/bucket data in arbitrary number of dimensions
corrcoef(mat) Calculate correlation coefficient with p-values
get_distribution_as_percentiles(x, y, bins) get the distribution of y vs. x as percentiles.