This module contains convenience functions for any purposes.

Timer([info, timefmt, verbose]) Provide a simple time profiling utility.
deprecated([func, message]) Decorator which can be used to mark functions as deprecated.
extract_block_diag(M, n) Extract diagonal blocks from square Matrix.
path_append(dirname[, path]) Append a directory to environment path variable.
path_prepend(dirname[, path]) Prepend a directory to environment path variable.
path_remove(dirname[, path]) Remove a directory from environment path variable.
image2mpeg(glob, outfile[, framerate, …]) Combine image files to a video using ffmpeg.


Contains metaclasses for typhon development and others

This module contains metaclasses that are used within typhon, but that may also be useful for others.

AbstractDocStringInheritor Automatically inherit docstrings for abstract classes.
DocStringInheritor Automatically inherit docstrings.


Utilities related to caching and memoisation

mutable_cache([maxsize]) In-memory cache like functools.lru_cache but for any object