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ARTS Related Publications

Below is a list of references with ARTS related publications. The list contains articles which cite the papers 'ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator — version 2.2, the planetary toolbox edition', 'ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator, version 2' or 'ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator'

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  1. Mattioli, Vinia, Christophe Accadia, Catherine Prigent, Susanne Crewell, Alan Geer, Patrick Eriksson, Stuart Fox, Juan R. Pardo, Eli J. Mlawer, Maria Cadeddu, Michael Bremer, Carlos De Breuck, Alain Smette, Domenico Cimini, Emma Turner, Mario Mech, Frank S. Marzano, Pascal Brunel, Jerome Vidot, Ralf Bennartz, Tobias Wehr, Sabatino Di Michele, and Viju O. John (2019), Atmospheric Gas Absorption Knowledge in the Submillimeter: Modeling, Field Measurements, and Uncertainty QuantificationBULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY, 100(12), ES291-ES295, doi:10.1175/BAMS-D-19-0074.1.